About Us

As Siztek, we set out in 2009 with the slogan "Our Assurance to Your Technology", and the most important criteria that make Siztek successful are our determination to work and the value we give to our customers and employees. Our goal is to be one of the indispensable elements of the market as a technology company that constantly adapts to developing technologies.

Siztek employees are the most valuable assets of Siztek. In order to contribute to the formation of a Turkey that attaches more importance to knowledge and experience, it provides services with its trained personnel trained in many areas of the IT sector. While transferring its knowledge and experience to its customers on many subjects, Siztek aims to establish mutually beneficial relationships and expand this relationship network by learning a lot from them. Siztek was established with an understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction and service quality. A distinctive feature of Siztek is its long-term association and trust-based relationship with its customers. Siztek aims to be an organization that includes reliable people in technology. Siztek has determined to include the elements of "transparency", "honesty" and "trust" in its projects and company policy as its mission.