Enterprise Data Backup & Storage Services

Backup Solutions

Our integrated solutions for secure backup of data against potential issues  include Software and Hardware products from Symantec, Veeam, CA, Acronis, Dell/EMC, Qnap and more.

  • Fast and reliable disk backup of virtualization environments
  • Increased retention time and faster backups with deduplication solutions
  • Autoloader and tape library systems supported by LTO technologies
  • Virtual tape library systems
  • Extraction of redundant data to different locations without using tape or cartridges
  • Backup solutions suitable for disaster recovery and business continuity scenarios
  • Intelligent backup solutions on an application-by-application basis
  • Centralized management of all backup operations from a single point
  • Taking secondary and/or tertiary secure backups on Siztek Cloud (S, ZTEK CLOUD LINK)

Storage Solutions & Consolidation

Our next-generation centralized storage solutions  include HITACHI Data Systems, DELL/EMC, PureStorage, and Brocade SAN Products

  • SAS/ISCSI storage systems using high-capacity Nearline SAS or SATA disks
  • Storage systems that provide Fibrechannel, SAS or ISCSI connectivity that can use high-performance Flash/SSD disks
  • Smart technologies that can use disk space according to data type with tiering function
  • NAS systems that support file sharing protocols such as CIFS, NFS
  • Software with functions such as Snapshot, Snap Mirror (Cloning) and Remote point replication
  • SAN (storage area network) systems with ISCSI, Fibrechannel, SAS and emerging FCoE connectivity interfaces
  • Software solutions for the management of complex SAN environments