Our Difference

Proactive Service Approach 

Reporting and Regular Monitoring 

SizTek offers a proactive service approach by producing reports with its experience and knowledge within the scope of the service it offers. 

  • Resource Utilization (effective and flexible use of the workforce)
  • The first ten requests received by the help desk within a month (by service category)
  • The first ten users who made a request to the call desk within a month
  • The top ten hardware failures submitted to the call desk within a month
  • Monthly service level report- Detailed weekly call report 

An expert consultant from SizTek visits at specified periods, the reports are evaluated with the customer and their suggestions are presented in written/verbal form. With the decisions taken after these reports and interviews, all preventive actions are implemented and employee productivity is increased. 

Process Management 

IT Management Processes 

During the procurement of outsourcing services, SizTek reviews the processes that your organization needs. 

It makes the necessary arrangements with the "ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Best Practice" approach. 

It ensures that actions are taken to increase IT efficiency. 

SizTek, together with its Solution Partners, is the subject of ITIL methodologies such as Incident Management, Configuration Management, Problem Management, Change Management 

It realizes the service supply within this scope by reorganizing such processes according to the needs of the customer. 

Information Sharing 

Our Most Valuable Asset: We Share Our Knowledge 

During the services it provides, SizTek contributes information by sharing information about all services with the authorities that the customer deems appropriate. 

In this context, malfunctions, problems, unsolvable problems and similar crisis situations can be monitored instantly. 

By instantly accessing all values related to resource use and efficiency, the opportunity and flexibility to question the functionality of the operation are provided. In addition, depending on the type of agreement to be made, access to all items that cause costs can be provided. 

Service Level Management (SLM) 

Service Quality Measurement and Evaluation 

SLM, which is within the scope of the service offered by SizTek, includes the planning of resources and capacities in the current operation. 

Adaptation of services is ensured with reference to the dynamically changing needs of the customer. 

It is ensured that possible service losses are minimized or services are prioritized. 

SLM basically provides cost and labor consumption control in IT services to your organization 

Project Management 

Siztek and Solution Partners, in the outsourcing services alternatives they offer; 

It is to plan all phases of the project by appointing an expert project manager during the Transition Period. 

The project manager's job is to ensure that the transition is completed with minimal problems and to create a service operation based on the needs of your organization. 

In case of encountering parameters that were not foreseen before the project and were not covered in the proposal, a report is created and this report is shared with the customer authorities and action is taken 

While performing these operations, it is ensured that the current operation is not interrupted. 

After the transition period is complete, the Project Manager delegates his or her duties to the Service Manager 

During the service provision, the point of contact under SLM becomes the Service Manager. 

Partnership Approach 

We value you as your business partner 

SizTek has adopted the principle of being your business partner rather than a service provider in your institution during its service supply. 

As your business partner, our aim is to provide you with services, while reducing the cost in IT operations in the medium term in the meetings we will hold periodically, and will provide added value to your organization by evaluating alternatives to ensure better quality service production with current costs.