IT Outsourcing

In cases where the equity of the institutions is insufficient or it becomes difficult to provide services in the desired criteria, as Siztek, the following "main service modules" are offered in various alternatives, alone or in combination with more than one service module, within the scope of IT Outsourcing services;

  • Technical Help Desk Services - Help Desk
  • User Desktop and Mobile Systems Management Services
  • Network and Communication Infrastructure Management Services
  • Server Systems Management Services (Including Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems)
  • Enterprise Applications Management Services
  • Messaging Platforms Management Services (Exchange Server etc.)
  • Network Management (Domain etc.)
  • Database Management (MSSQL and MySQL Server)
  • IT Security Platform Management Services (Firewall, Antivirus, IDS, IPS, etc.)
  • Filing Sharing Services Management (File Server, Print Server, etc.)
  • Web or Portal Services Management
  • Virtualization Platform Management Services
  • Backup and Storage Infrastructure Management Services

Outsourcing services, it is possible for the location to be used to be the Customer Location or for any data center to be located where there are private or public cloud service providers. In some cases, all of these methods may be a combination of hybrids. As Sitek, we are able to provide a variety of Services by analyzing the current situation and/or the targeted situation and providing the most suitable environments.

Advantages of Outsourcing;

Once an outsourcing decision has been made, there will be administrative, technical, and financial advantages as described below.

  • There is no obligation to manage the training, continuity, management of employment contracts and similar operational processes of the personnel providing services
  • The necessary workforce is continuously created by the Service provider in order to provide the Service in accordance with the criteria determined by the contracts
  • When the Service quality criteria specified in the contracts are not met, penal sanctions may be imposed on the Service provider and/or the quality may be increased by agreeing with a different Service provider.
  • Growth or shrinkage scenarios can be created in a controlled manner and unnecessary costs can be prevented by adapting the outsourcing service accordingly.
  • Instead of investing, cost control can be achieved with operational leasing or license usage right leasing models.
  • Since the services received will appear on the balance sheets as operational expenses, they can be deducted from income tax.