Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions

We provide the consolidation of complex and difficult to manage IT infrastructures by making them simpler but more useful with products and solutions from manufacturers such as Vmware, Citrix, Redhat, Dell and Microsoft. While carrying out these projects, we benefit from all the advantages of virtualization.

We basically examine virtualization solutions under two separate headings and develop our solutions according to the needs here.

Server Virtualization

We can list the main advantages of Server Virtualization technologies as follows;

  • High availability
  • Infrastructure conducive to business continuity
  • Ease of Management
  • Fast recovery capabilities
  • Fast, easy and customized server provisioning
  • Less resource consumption in hosting environments (electricity, cooling, energy, etc.)
  • Easy expansion and growth
  • Hyper-converged architecture for single-point management and easy backup
  • With the Software Defined Datacenter architecture, having an IT infrastructure whose capacity and performance can be managed from a single center, regardless of hardware

User (Endpoint) Virtualization

Another area where virtualization is applied can be considered as the devices, desktops or applications used by the employees within the organization. It is a fact that the increase in today's internet and network bandwidths is increasing the demands for such endpoint or user virtualization. As Siztek, we base user virtualization on the following foundations

  • To ensure the centralization of critical data in order to prevent increasing security vulnerabilities with mobility
  • To facilitate the distribution, installation and version management of applications that are made available to users and are constantly updated/developed
  • To get rid of the handicaps of managing complex and complex spare parts / warranty processes arising from the use of multiple brands and models of devices within the organization.
  • In accordance with the BYO (Bring Your Own Device) concept, to be able to provide a real desktop experience regardless of hardware / device
  • To have the infrastructure to take measures to minimize the user's initiative in backing up, using, auditing and managing critical data in a way that is compatible with processes such as KVKK / ISO27001