Enterprise Hardware Products

With the wide product range of DELL/EMC, HPE, LENOVO and HUAWEI and the high-level business partnership status of Siztek, we offer solutions to IT needs by providing a balance of quality, performance and reasonable price in every field,

  • More power and capacity in less space with Blade Server Architecture for the data center.
  • Rack & Tower Servers, which use the latest Technology components supported by new generation Intel processors for both data centers and system rooms, and stand out with their easy management features
  • You can keep your data safe with next-generation storage product options such as speed, performance, SAN connectivity, multi-platform support, and more.
  • Data storage systems with All-Flash, NVME and SSD-based disks that can adapt to any environment via fibre channel and ISCSI connection interfaces.
  • Speed, performance, and reliability all in one with disk- and tape-based data backup solutions. Ability to back up more data in less space with AI-powered software techniques such as deduplication and compression.
  • Solution to all wired and wireless network needs from small to large with its portfolio of office and data center type smart network devices
  • Mobile and desktop workstations specially built for architectural drawing, high-performance design applications and similar purposes.
  • Durability, continuity and performance all in one with the product family consisting of both normal desktop and thin client systems compatible with virtualization
  • Products that deliver a portable desktop experience with sleek designs, improved security options, convertibility, and more.