Next Generation Security Solutions

With the developing technology, the importance of data security of institutions is increasing. In this context, institutions demand that their data be more secure and reliable. In the information technology sector, new generation security solutions have a say in the market to serve this area.

Application Layer Security Products

It is a solution used to ensure the security of applications open to the internet and to increase the security level layers for all institutions that process data and trade over the internet, especially for institutions engaged in finance and e-commerce business. The first purpose of such solutions, which enable applications to monitor at the code level and prevent external intrusion and code-based changes, is to monitor the systems regularly and to have information about routine flows, and then to warn or prevent anomalies. 

While these solutions are mainly provided by manufacturers such as Citrix Netscaler, F5, Fortinet, cloud-based service providers include Cloudfare and similar providers.

XDR Solutions

The biggest problem of large organizations is not being able to fully perceive the actions taking place in complex and complex structures and not being able to provide visibility. Therefore, when there is an anomaly or some undesirable situation, they become aware of it late and cannot take the necessary precautions. The solutions described as XDR are known as solutions that work with end-to-end logic and detect all internal and external network traffic, warn in case of anomaly and/or block / or block / block within the framework of the rules determined by the institution.

In terms of XDR solutions, we can find special solutions such as SentinelOne, Vectra, PaloAlto, as well as new products from brands such as Symantec, Eset, Trendmicro and Mcafee, which have been serving in the market for a long time in endpoint security. 

Secure Backup Solutions

Backup is one of the most important IT layers for an organization. The backup operations carried out to date are carried out using conventional backup software and hardware. However, in today's world where the digital world is evolving, backed-up data should also be reliable, clean and easily accessible, and this data should be able to be used with confidence when necessary. Therefore, the prominent features of new generation backup solutions;

  • The stored data is clean and reliable (examining the data in the environment where it is stored and warning or cleaning in case of any unwanted bot, malware or similar situations)
  • The data storage environment is strictly blocked against external access (known as immutability, where the data storage environment is silent and closed to the outside world)
  • The system that manages operations such as data backup, storage, restoration or data copy is also protected against the outside world and possible attacks

As an example of new generation backup solutions that provide services in this field, we can give Rubrik solutions as an example, and we can see that corporate backup solutions such as Veeam, Comvault, Veritas, Zerto, which we are currently using, are gradually changing and evolving.

Endpoint Threat Detection and Security

Today, the biggest threat of organizations is the threat posed by endpoint devices and the employees using these devices. As Siztek, we are aware of this threat  and offer solutions to minimize these threats with solutions from Microsoft, Citrix MDM, Vmware Airwatch, Forecpoint DLP, Teramind UAC, Symantec DLP, Vasco, RSA and many more. It is possible to examine our solution portfolio, which meets the requirements of legal regulations such as KVKK and 5651 and processes such as ISO27001, under three headings

Identity Check and Verification

The identity and password information of the users in the user working environments and devices should be controlled. With the solutions that provide this;

  • Creating and authorizing users in standards suitable for each corporate user
  • Access rights management and permission delegation
  • Second verification via SMS or email with 2 factor (two-step)
  • Preventing password theft by using a password generation algorithm with OTP (mobile application or independent devices)
  • Preventing passwords from being stored in insecure environments by removing the need for remembering a large number of passwords with Single-Sign on solutions
  • Guiding the user with smart password management and password standard setting solutions

Data Leak Prevention and Behavior Analysis

Attacks and threats to user devices and/or applications should also be prevented. Among these solutions;

  • Detection and blocking of user "zero-day" threats.
  • Control and supervision of the behavior of users when they are outside the corporate network.
  • Controlling the internet usage of users while outside the corporate network and preventing them from accessing unwanted content
  • Recording the behavior of user devices during use and making these records available for review in the face of possible legal situations
  • Preventing the use, sharing and/or modification of documents and documents determined as priority or critical for the institution, outside the policies of the institution
  • Preventing the sharing of critical documents and documents with unwanted people during the use of corporate e-mail
  • In particular, the ability to restrict movements by deciding the content of documents with jpg, gif, beep, pdf and similar extensions by looking at them with OCR.
  • Controlling cloud file sharing media (dropbox, googledrive, onedrive and similar) and memory / disk or optical media that can be attached to devices externally

Mobile Device Backup & Protection

Although it seems sufficient to take precautions, it has been determined that the data created by the users themselves and used outside the network (off-line) is also important for the institutions. In this case, we provide the following solutions with some products such as Acronis, Vmware Airwatch, Citrix Xen Mobile and so on;

  • Backing up all Android, Ios and Windows-based mobile devices to public or private cloud environments and ensuring access security
  • Restriction of functions on mobile devices and granting probation
  • Thanks to the centralized management of mobile devices, operations such as wipe (slime), destroy (data destruction), lock or determine the location / position of the device can be performed.
  • Protection of mobile devices from pests such as ransomware / zeroday