Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In order to be more reliable against possible disasters, to guarantee the accessibility of the company’s data and to remain compliant with the relevant regulations, we basically examine disaster scenarios under two separate headings;

Local Disasters

It includes the precautions to be taken against problems and service interruptions that may occur in the current physical environment or location of the company, critical services and the software / hardware infrastructures in which they work.

  • Creating special solutions for possible disaster scenarios related to business critical systems and services running in the local area network
  • Design and implementation for email continuity
  • Ensuring continuity with database clustering
  • Ensuring the continuity of applications and web services with load balancing
  • Providing an uninterrupted resource transfer and upgrade capabilities with server virtualization
  • Providing multi-point and secure storage solutions with advanced data backup technologies

Global Disasters

It covers the measures to be taken in case of fire, earthquake, flood and similar natural disasters that may occur throughout the country completely beyond our control;

  • Creating a customer-specific solution designed for a wider range of disaster scenarios
  • Provide a secondary secure backup environment with storage-based remote point replication
  • Keeping up-to-date data between two locations with server-based remote point replication.
  • Provide easy redundancy with server and desktop virtualization
  • Utilization of secondary data center hosting as a disaster center
  • Secure secondary backup with Siztek Cloud (data everywhere, secure data concept)