Professional Technology Support Services

As Siztek, we provide both integration and post-integration support and maintenance services to the existing or planned integration IT systems and infrastructures of the institutions. Unlike outsourcing services, these services are provided for more limited periods of time or through the use of shared resources. 

System Installation and Integration Services

System and integration services include the following services that we provide to our customers who have to work multi-platform and who want to make the solutions of different manufacturers in different fields work within the organization, and that we provide with experienced personnel who require expertise and have completed their training and certificates in the relevant field;

  • Email and Integrated Messaging System Installations
  • Domain Configuration and Migration Services
  • Server, Data Storage, SAN and Backup Systems Integration and Configuration Service
  • Network management solutions integration
  • Security solutions installation and configuration service
  • Integration of database clustering and continuity solutions
  • Solution integration suitable for disaster scenarios
  • Wired/Wireless network setup and configurations
  • Integration of logging and compliance solutions
  • Installation and integration of monitoring solutions

Maintenance, Support and Technical Consultancy Services

As Siztek, we provide the following services within the scope of maintenance and support services in the solution of problems and problems that may occur in IT infrastructures that have been installed and integrated and are currently working.

  • Inspection of existing infrastructure and collection and recording of inventory
  • Recording and reporting of requests
  • Quick response to problems thanks to a short response by phone or remote connection
  • Providing e-mail support to IT employees on issues that require expertise
  • Emergency on-site engineering service for problems with IT components in emergencies
  • Periodic preventive maintenance and control services
  • 24×7 service alternative for business-critical systems
  • Backup management and control service.
  • For products that are under warranty, in cases where manufacturer support is required, ensuring the solution of the problem in a short time by opening a record with the manufacturer and following up
  • Warranty extension service for end-of-warranty enterprise hardware (servers, backup units and storage systems)

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